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Repentigny is a city of Quebec (Canada), located in the Regional County Municipality (RCM) of L'Assomption in the administrative region of Lanaudière2. Located at the mouth of the L'Assomption River, this city is the 13th largest city in Quebec according to its population. Repentigny is located northeast of Montreal, on the banks of the St. Lawrence River and the L'Assomption River. This region is considered the eastern suburbs of Montreal. Formerly called the western tip of the city Repentigny-les-Bains, because of the presence of many summer residences belonging to Montrealers. Very well located, the city of Repentigny can count on the presence of a road network of the easiest access for the displacements of its local population and its visitors. Important road junctions (40 and 640, 40 and 20, 640 and 25, 15, 13) in connection with major centers such as Montreal or Quebec provide Repentigny with a privileged geographic location. 
The Town of Repentigny is located at the eastern end of the Island of Montreal, to which it is connected by the bridges Le Gardeur and Charles-De Gaulle. It is a place name derived from the name of Pierre Legardeur, Sieur de Repentigny, who himself held the village of Repentigny in the country of Auge (Normandy). The Compagnie de la Nouvelle-France had given it the seigneury of La Chesnaye in 1647, located on the territory of the present city3. In France, it is mentioned in Latinized form Repentigneyum in 12744, then Romance Repentigni around 1350. Etymologically, it goes back to * REPENTINIACU, a Gallo-Roman domain name composed of * Repentinius5, which is not attested, or rather Repentinu (s) 6 "the one who repents", Christian name, followed by the suffix Gallo novel -acum7 in the first case or rather its elongated form -iacum in the second8. This suffix is of Gaulish origin -acon (Celtic * -ko (n)). First locating, it serves later to indicate the property. The overall meaning is therefore "property of Repentinu (s)". "The new city of Repentigny was created on June 1, 2002. It comes from the consolidation of the towns of Le Gardeur and Repentigny" 9.
History Founded in 1669 as the parish of Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption-de-Repentigny, by Jean-Baptiste Le Gardeur, Repentigny is one of the oldest cities in the greater Montreal area. After having solicited from the New France Company lands along the St. Lawrence River, Pierre Le Gardeur, Sieur de Repentigny, was issued in Paris, on April 16, 1647, the acts of concession of the seigneurie10 which would become Repentigny. Native of the Pays d'Auge in the current French department of Calvados and Basse-Normandie region, this soldier is however victim of an epidemic a year later and it is rather his son Jean-Baptiste who will settle on his lands in 1670. For 250 years, Repentigny will be inhabited by only a few hundred peasants who will live there from agriculture. In 1677, the first census reported only 30 inhabitants. The first municipal council was formed in July 1855. Benjamin Moreau became the first mayor of Repentigny.
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