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Saint-Côme is a municipality located in the Matawinie Regional County Municipality (MRC) in the Lanaudière administrative region. It is named in honor of Saint Como. 
Description The Municipality of Saint-Côme is a village offering a multitude of cultural and outdoor activities. 
Saint-Côme was named "Quebec Capital of Traditional Song" in 2008. 

Church and former presbytery 
The present church is built in 1886 and restored in 1906 and 19435. 
The village grew relatively quickly, with 696 people (130 families) in 1877, and 1000 in the early twentieth century5. The population will stabilize thereafter. If we try to develop agriculture, we must recognize that from its origins, the economic activities of the village tend to be concentrated around forestry work. For a long time, wood-related activity remains the main source of employment. According to the 1911 census, more than half of the heads of households (97 out of 187) report a profession or a second job related to logging. Agriculture provides only a few products and, at best, an income supplement. Even in 1950, the parish still looks like a forest village6. It was not until the second half of the 20th century that the recreational and tourist sector really developed. 
On March 19, 2016, Saint-Côme changed its status from municipality of parish to municipality7.

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