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Discover Saint-Michel des Saints

Saint-Michel-des-Saints (Atikamekw: Matawak) is a municipality located in the Matawinie MRC in Lanaudière, Quebec, Canada1. In the course of its history, agriculture, forestry and recreational tourism have underpinned the region's economic activities. 
In the MRC: Matawinie. 
Saint-Michel-des-Saints is the largest and northernmost municipality in the Lanaudière region (excluding unorganized territories). The village is located at the northern end of Route 131 (Quebec), along the West Matawin River near the southwest corner of Taureau Reservoir2. 
The largest lakes in the municipality are Durand, Beauséjour, Hazen and Kaiagamac. These and many others attract many vacationers to summer cottages. The forests of the region are popular for hunting, fishing, mountain biking (or snowmobile) and trapping2.

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