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The mission of the Chamber is to ensure the protection of the public by promoting the preventive exercise of the law, by supporting a public notary practice, innovative and in pursuit of excellence and by promoting access to justice for all . 
Trust is an integral part of our mission. The House is a non-profit organization. As such, and because of its mission of protecting the public, it is not intended to seek socio-economic benefits for its members. 
Consult the service statement of the Chambre des notaires aux citoyens 
The Citizen Service Statement is an organization's commitment to quality and service delivery, which includes: 
Prevention mechanisms Professional training Discipline Public Education on the Mission of the Chamre and on the Right Support for initiatives of communities, organizations and players in society through donations from the Notary Studies and Sponsorship Fund. This commitment is based in part on an organization's knowledge of the clientele it serves, its expectations, existing quality standards, possible delivery methods, and so on.

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